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Sunday Call

Sunday Call

Good evening,

Howe PreK families.  We have had a wonderful start to the new school year!  Our students have been working so hard and are acclimating to their new “school” schedule and routine.  In order to keep processes running smoothly, we are reminding parents to remember to bring identification each time you need to check out your child for early dismissal.  Child safety is of utmost importance.  We also ask for your patience as we navigate our car line in the mornings and afternoons.  We understand that it may take a little longer in the beginning but should get quicker as the year progresses.  Also understand that sometimes we may be short handed on the car lines due to staff absences and illnesses.  We are doing our best to make sure all students get into and out of our building safely.  As a reminder, we must end our staff car line at 7:35 due to the requirement of student to teacher ratios in the classroom as discussed in orientation. 

The North Carolina General Assembly requires schools across the state to write a School Improvement Plan (SIP), an outline of goals for improvement as well as strategies for reaching these goals. Our school has established a team of staff members to assist us with this process. We are asking for parent representatives to be a part of our team.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please email or call 910-251-6185.

In addition, we would like to get a parent volunteer to represent Howe Pre-K for the NC Pre-K council this year. These volunteers would attend two district meetings this year and have the opportunity to share information and their experiences with NC Pre-K in our county.  

We look forward to seeing your children tomorrow morning!